Take Time Sept 9, 2016

2016 September 19
tags: Take Time
by charles W. Taylor, Jr.

My mom gave me a small 2x3 card more than thirty-five years ago. I was preparing to leave home in Framingham, MA. and move to Tampa, FL. I was seeing and feeling the effects of a ten-year cocaine habit.

     I, like many others, thought that if I just moved away, then my problem would go away. Those of us who thought that and tried that, usually found out rather quickly that it didn’t. Our problem was in us, more than around us, so where we went, it went!

     The card my mom gave me was titled, “Take Time”. I am a writer, but I didn’t write this one. However, I do believe it! The little card was laminated and over the decades it became brittle being in and out of my wallet SO many times.

     I shared this writing with my Monday night drug court group. I want to put good things in them, so that when the struggles of life come against them, they will already be in a position to counter-punch.

     I was able to make a copy of that little card before it fell apart, but I wasn’t able to find the piece of the card with the author’s name. It’s funny how that little card was destroyed over time, but the words loom large and live on.

     If you don’t mind, I’d like to share these words with you for the next couple of weeks. It is my hope that they will bring you comfort, and I hope that you’ll be able to TAKE TIME to THINK – it is the source of POWER.


Love & Peace,

Brother Charles

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