Take Time to be Quiet

2016 December 25
by charles W. Taylor, Jr.

Take Time to be Quiet –


     People who know me well, will tell you that I’m a “list” guy. I am driven and I like to see things thru to completion. It gives me satisfaction to be able to check each item off my daily list as I complete them. It also keeps me organized and on point!

     I don’t like to procrastinate and I don’t like dragging things along behind me. I prefer meeting things head on, completing them and putting them behind me. I don’t see how looking and going backwards helps me to go forward. The “two steps forward, one step back” way of life doesn’t work for me.

     Perhaps because I’m getting older, I feel a greater sense of urgency. Perhaps regrets from my past spur me on. Perhaps because of life changing decisions I have made and being delivered from that horrible storm that I was a slave to for so, SO many years. My mind is like an active volcano! The person who was locked away for all those years is now flowing free.

     That’s the YIN, now here’s the YANG! During this time of the year the hustle and bustle of everyday life seems to increase by 10- fold. I must be careful not to go at everything at 100 miles per hour. I do believe that God gave me a heart to help and a brain to plan, however, if I let them control me instead of me controlling them, I will run out of gas and one day, be of NO help to anyone! Balance.

     I also believe that you CAN teach an OLDER dog new tricks. (smile) I am continuing to learn patience and that it is also a form of control. Self-control! It isn’t always easy, but I am stressing-out over fewer and fewer things during my day and still getting a lot of things done. I have also learned and am now enjoying the pleasure of sitting on my porch and watching the birds eat from the feeder. Or going for a drive on a country road – with my music, of course! Not to mention, not putting as many items on my daily list; sitting on the shore of a lake; being around LOVING people; and most important, trusting that God is going to CONTINUE to take care of me. My books, My Dark Room, Puppet Man and Checkmate are all written around this theme.

     I am learning that by taking time to be quiet – it is a moment to seek God.

Merry Christmas!



Love & peace,

Brother Charles

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