Happy Father’s Day Dad

2018 June 17
by charles W. Taylor, Jr.

 What father doesn’t want the very best for his children? It is my opinion that it starts with God our Father and He sends that love to earth in the form of our earthly fathers.
 I was truly blessed to have had my father for 95 years. The lessons he taught me from the time I was a boy until this very day, have help mold me and shape into the man I am today.
 When my sisters and I were kids, our dad had a special ritual getting us ready for bed. He would tell us that it was time for bed and as we approached the stairs to go up to our rooms, he what run up on us and say,” get up those stairs you booger bears!” We would laugh so hard and dash up those stairs. Man! My sister Clarice reminded me of that this morning in church and it brought a HUGE smile to my face.
 Another fond memory I have is that on my 6th birthday I was lying in a hospital bed. I had been diagnosed with spinal meningitis. In those days it was like receiving a death sentence. My mom and dad stayed by my bed side praying for my healing and keeping my spirit uplifted. Since it was my birthday, my dad bought me a baseball glove and a complete football uniform. I was elated!
 Well, as you can see, their prayers were answered. Thank you, Lord! I went on to play Little League baseball and play youth football. I even coached youth football for fourteen years. This is my favorite part of the story. I STILL HAVE THE GLOVE AND THE HELMET! 60 years ago! 60 years.
 The things we do for others might seem small at the time, but some make lasting and special memories in that person’s life that can last a lifetime.
60 years.
Thank you, Lord and thank you dad.

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