Storytellers Convention

These are actual and true testimonies of  people who attended and participated in in our group session at the Kentucky Storytellers Conference the weekend of October 19th and 20th, 2012. We had a questionaire that asked 3 simple questions,  here are some of their responses.Charles at the conference
What did you really like about the workshop?
  • Useful and to the point. Great approach - pictures.
  • The depth of sharing.
  • Liked the cards and being able to share stories.
  • Interactive - Learn by doing.
  • Very informative and relevant.
  • Different in approach and structure.
  • Stories, cards, purpose all great.
  • The motivation to participate.

What do wish had been part of the workshop?
  • All good.
  • I wish this was in book form.
  • Additional focus on the problem of addiction.
  • It was fine as is.
  • Being more interactive.

Other comments:
  • Excellent.
  • Feature it in the newsletter.
  • Enjoyed the interaction and all the sharing- all the great talk & conversation.
  • Awesome.
  • Very inspirational.
  • Did not like the taped message. Did not like him reading the story. Did not like him pushing his stuff.