From the Jail


These testimonies are actual resposes to 4 questions that we asked the guys at our local

        Fayette  County  jail. I am not posting these to brag, no, I hope that you will see that our

  approach does have merrit and is helpful.


1. What was your first thought when you were told that I was going to be reading stories to

you about the journey of addiction.


*I really didn't know what to think, but what caught my attention was knowing that

 Mr. Charles was a true example of addiction and incarceration.

*I thought it would be a good idea.

*I had good thoughts cause the stories help bring out the inner feelings that you have

 stored up inside.

*I had good thoughts about the stories.

*I was kinda surprised, but anxious to hear the stories.

*I thought iwas going to be kinda childish.

*I tried to be open minded about it, but I truely didn't know what to expect.

*I like stories.


2. How do you feel about them now that you've heard a few?


*I think it's great. I can relate to most of them and they've allowed me to examine my own life.

*I feel pretty good.

*I feel they are very helpful.

*They have a relative effect on ones heart.

*I have gotten a lot out of them since you've been coming.

*They really get me to thinking.

*I relate to them a lot.

*Some are OK. I haven't heard many yet.

*I think they are good.


3. Do the cards help in your discussion segment?



*Yes. They put a picture on your thoughts.

*Yes. They bring a lot of thoughts I have about my recovery.

*They stimulate creativity and force us to expand our thoughts.


4. Is this program helping you?


*Yes. Thank you. I think it's great.


*Yes. I like to hear peoples experiences.

*It's a blessing to see Charles helping so many addicts.

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