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E.B & the Lamb 

I wrote this story after noticing all of the chocolate Easter bunnies, candy eggs and Easter bunny commercials that were being advertised. I noticed that the TRUE meaning of Easter was never mentioned. I remember thinking to myself, “where’s the Lord”? I wrote this story for children to remind them of the REAL meaning of the season. I want them to know that there is nothing wrong with E.B. as long as we don't exclude The Lamb.

Bobby the Butterfly 

I wrote this story to help children realize the values of friendship, courage and trust. It is my hope that they will see how these values can help transform them into beautiful and strong adults.
I decided to make this a coloring book, so that mommies & daddies, grandmas & grandpas, sisters & brothers may read this story to their children and then spend quality time together coloring in the pictures the way they see them.
We may not have a good beginning in life, however, it is possible for us to have a GREAT finish. The journey is where we grow!


I have been a volunteer with my local county detention center, local county drug court and most recently our local county veteran’s treatment court where I am a group leader and a mentor. I have also spoken to a group of children. Due to the diverse population, I’m often asked not to get too religious in my presentations. I understand their reasoning, HOWEVER, I have NO doubt about who delivered me from my storm! I selected these stories for this book to thank God and give Him All the glory. I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories and I hope you will talk about them with someone you love.

4 stories, Volume 2 

Volume 2 is a continuation of my desire to pay forward what God has done for me in my life. It is my hope that these stories will connect with OUR spirit man. It’s not that I am attempting to preach or convert anyone to my personal beliefs. These stories are spiritual rather than religious. I hope they will be useful so that WE can examine our own personal walk in life and can better serve our fellow man along their journey.
Puppet Man


This is a story that shows how our lives can become out of balance when we lose control of our emotions. After 23 months of being delivered from a 27-year cocaine addiction, I was well on my may to rebuilding my life. I had regained others respect and my self-respect! I had never learned the difference between selfish and self-worth. I wanted to please everyone and didn’t know how to say NO. I never stopped to refuel and one day my tank went empty!


This is a story about how bad things can happen to good people. It encourages people to persevere until you reach your calling. I had a dream not too long ago, about my personal journey and its many ups and downs. In the dream I saw God playing chess with Satan at God’s Holy chess board. I saw how God had a plan for my life and how He moved me along on my journey. I also witnessed how Satan continued to counter God’s every move, HOWEVER, It’s not how the fight starts that counts; it’s how it finishes!


Pain coverI wrote this story to explore some of the various types of pain that we encounter along our life’s journey. Too often others will tell us how long to grieve, or how long to hold onto a painful memory. It is my opinion that since we are all created as individuals, then dealing with our individual pain should be treated in the same manner.

I feel that it is unhealthy, in the long run, to get stuck in our pain. We shouldn’t allow anyone or anything to have that much control over our lives. Present or future!

One of the best ways I’ve found to get out of a bad mood is to do something GOOD for someone else. It amazes me how the simple act of reaching out to help another can shift my focus off of myself and my pain. It is my second favorite act.


There are MANY forms of pain which we may be exposed to in life. Each one has its own form and remedy. There’s not a one size fits all solution. That is not to say that some pain should not be addressed and dealt with. Otherwise it will rent space in our minds and become an “IT” in our lives.


PAIN: Pray About It Now!